Forest Hills Athletics Club is based at the Forest Hills Sports Club, one of the most ‘family friendly’ community sports clubs in KZN. On Wednesday evenings (social run and Time Trial 2,4 or 8km routes available) you will find the club buzzing with runners, junior rugby players, tennis players and footballers, braai fires burning and kids playing. If you want to join a fun group where you get to know everyone, this is the club for you!

You will find our club Gazebo at most of the races around the greater Durban area and every year near the Oxford Village supporting our Comrades runners.

You will also find a lot of our runners supporting various training runs around the area such as Dean Wight’s Beloved Long Runs. Quite a few of our club runners also cross over to Trail Running and with our stunning location of our club you will find groups running in the Krantskloof Nature Reserve most weekends.

If you are looking for an amazing small running club to join why not email us or better come join us one Wednesday evening at Time Trials and find out more information regarding joining our club.