For all mebership enquiries please contact Annie Tigar at

The 2014 membership fees are calculated as follows:

Forest Hills Sports Club (main club):
  • Single Adult: R460
  • Couple: R610
  • Intermediate/Student (18-21 yrs): R247
  • Country: R247
  • Country Couple: R490
  • Junior: R93
  • Family (couple + two children under 18 yrs, R93 per child thereafter): R610
Forest Hills Athletic Club (athletics section):
  • Senior: R100
  • Junior: R60

Please note that it is compulsory to join the main club in order to become a member of the athletics section and therefore the fee calculation is worked out as follows: Total Membership Fee = Forest Hills Sports Club Fee + Forest Hills Athletic Club Fee

  • Single Adult = R460 + R100 = R560
  • Couple = R610 + (2 x R100) = R810
  • Country = R247 + R100 = R347
  • Junior = R93 + R60 = R153

The main club fees are reduced to pro rata per month, calculated from Mar to Feb, when joining late and therefore;

  • Single Adult joining in July = R460 / 12 x 8 + R100 = R406.67


Membership Requirements:


If possible PLEASE EFT the money and bring proof of payment to simplify the administration, ignore the banking details on the main club application form, our banking details are:

Bank: ABSA
Account Name: Forest Hills Sports Club
Account Number: 9045574106
Branch Code: 63200500
Beneficiary Reference: Full Name and Surname