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Membership 2013


The 2014 membership fees are calculated as follows:

Forest Hills Sports Club (main club):
  • Single Adult: R460
  • Couple: R610
  • Intermediate/Student (18-21 yrs): R247
  • Country: R247
  • Country Couple: R490
  • Junior: R93
  • Family (couple + two children under 18 yrs, R93 per child thereafter): R610

Forest Hills Athletic Club (athletics section):
  • Senior: R100
  • Junior: R60

Note that it is compulsory to join the main club to become a member of the athletics section, therefore:
Total Membership Fee = Forest Hills Sports Club Fee + Forest Hills Athletic Club Fee
  • Single Adult = R460 + R100 = R560
  • Couple = R610 + (2 x R100) = R810
  • Country = R247 + R100 = R347
  • Junior = R93 + R60 = R153

Note that the main club fees are reduced to pro rata per month, calculated from Mar to Feb, when joining late.
  • Single Adult joining in July = R460 / 12 x 8 + R100 = R406.67

Membership Requirements:

  • cash or proof of payment (PLEASE pay before you collect your number)

If possible PLEASE EFT the money and bring proof of payment to simplify the administration, ignore the banking details on the main club application form, our banking details are:
Bank: ABSA
Account Name: Forest Hills Sports Club
Account Number: 9045574106
Branch Code: 63200500
Beneficiary Reference: Full Name and Surname

Foresthillsac UA-40770102-1